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    The country of Altair has fallen to the Demon Lord and he's sent his Generals to take over the country's towns and surrounding areas. The Knight's Guard have been tasked to head towards these locations and find and defeat the Generals. Once done, the area will be free and liberated from their rule.

Knight's Guard is a fully 3D survival multiplayer game. Play alone, or team up with up to 3 friends and defeat the onslaught of enemies coming towards you. The longer you survive the tougher the enemies will become. You can purchase various weapons to help you survive, but your greatest aid will be Boosters and Breakers.

Boosters give you an enhancement in certain abilities: from coming back from a fall, increasing your overall health, to summoning minions to help you out, these powers will surely turn the tide in your favor. You can purchase them anytime, and as many as you want but after 4 the price begins to increase. Choose wisely on which ones you'll pick first.  However, if you fall you'll lose all the ones you have purchased.

Breakers will let you pass your limits. There are four types of Breakers: Speed/Power/Magic/Balanced, each come with their benefits and  downfalls. While Speed Breaker will increase your speed greatly, you'll lose your overall health in the process. These abilities are temporary and can only be used for a short period before needing a cooldown. Activate these whenever your in a pinch. You can only control one Breaker at a time.

Combine Boosters and Breakers to truly max out your potential. With so many possible combinations every replay can have you playing a different style.

Xbox/Gamepad have the same layout.

Keyboard Layout (*Bindable Keys Coming Later*)

WASDPlayer Move
Mouse Camera Movement
QActivate Perk* (If applicable)
EActivate Scroll
RActivate Breaker
Middle Mouse Click  / GThrow Grenade
Right Mouse ClickAim In
Left Mouse ClickLight Atk
CHeavy Atk
Scroll Wheel / 1 KeyChange Weapon


Knight's Guard is still a very early work in progress. Many animations and models are still a work in progress. Though please feel free to let me know any issues or comments you may have. I'll do my best to see what I can do to further improve this game. It's currently a solo project, so any donations will be greatly appreciated as it will help quicken my progress. A list of upcoming features will be displayed on the first Devlog.

If your interested in keeping progress, please consider following my updates here or through



Minimum Specs

  • Processor: Intel Pentium G3258
  • 4GB System RAM.
  • ~600mb Space on HDD.
  • GPU with around .5GB


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Version 4

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